17296_6-300x225We are always happy to welcome like-minded persons to come and assist when and where they can to further the mission of the Trust. You must be willing to work and have a passion for the cause.

Someone with marketing, fundraising or non-profit sector experience would be greatly appreciated. Previous experience in Permaculture farming methods would be much appreciated and skills such as building, cooking and the use of a chainsaw and brush-cutter would be an added bonus.

There is no strict rat-race routine to the week, but volunteers are expected to return a fair amount of energy and help out when needed.

This is a new development and as such there are numerous projects to tackle, such as water-harvesting earthworks, laying out and constructing vegetable gardens on contour, making of compost, regeneration of soil in degraded areas, building a milking shed coupled to a bio-digester, building a “donkey boiler” for the second house, alien plant eradication, and much more!

Our first community outreach was to send fellow Trustee Linah Letsoalo for cooking lessons. She provides our volunteers with 2 lovingly cooked meals a day, as well as laundry services. If you have special dietary needs or preferences, such as vegetarian or vegan etc, then you will be expected to advise what food to buy and how to prepare it, Linah is keen to learn.

We offer trips to local beauty spots such as Debengeni Falls, as well as magical places that very few people get to see. There are also numerous beautiful hiking trails, ranging from 2 hours to 3 days in duration, on the mountain. We go to town once a week and past a local shop each morning on the school run. At the weekend, someone is usually going to the local English-style pub for (the best!) pizza or a live music night at one of the many establishments on the mountain, so you will never get cabin fever!

There is Wi-Fi 24/7 in the house, and we have a Skype account if you wish to use it.