The Trust

The Trust

17296_5-300x225Our founder, Ken Strang, started the Trust when life threw him a curve ball in the form of failing health. He was medically pensioned off and ‘put out to pasture’, as it were.
But as his philosophy of life is to look for the positive in everything, he decided to use this as an opportunity to take a good hard look at his life and decide ‘where to now?’.

With his pension pay-out he found himself in the enviable position that he had more money than he had years left and, at last, he could be the change he wanted to see in the world, he could contribute positively, he could give back.

There is no doubt in his mind that his generation has been the greatest consumers of all time and that they have a great debt to repay. He is a firm believer in Permaculture as a way of repairing the damage that we as consumers have done to this earth, and as a way of ensuring food security, health and happiness for poor rural communities.

With this goal in mind, he started a new and exciting final journey of his life, a rewarding journey that he invites you to join him on. He has dedicated all of his pension monies and all of his farm, complete with full infrastructure, to this cause. He established a charitable non-profit Trust, The Retsogile Permaculture Education & Training Trust, a legally constituted and registered NPO dedicated to improving the lives of the poor rural folk in South Africa. The word Retsogile (pronounced Ret-sue-g-wheelie with the ‘g’ being guttural) is a Sepedi (North Sotho) word meaning ‘we are standing up / we are getting to work’.