The Farm

The Farm

Travellers Rest farm is located in Haenertsburg, in the province of Limpopo, South Africa. It is on the far Northern edge of the Drakensberg mountain range in a commercial timber growing area with lots of indigenous Afro-montane grasslands and forests.

It is 82 hectare in size and has a hot sub-tropical climate with an average of 765mm of rain per annum.. There are 2 dams, a borehole and a spring. The spring is our prime source of water and the borehole is only used in emergencies such as drought or the loss of water due to pipe failure. We have 50 000 litres storage capacity for water and irrigate via drip-line.

We have started to develop the farm according to Permaculture principles and practices. A Master Plan design has been commissioned and completed and a plan of action is being implemented. The foundations of a large food-forest has already been established, complete with water-harvesting swales and gabions to direct water to the swales and a large kitchen garden is in full swing. We intend to get off the grid as much as is possible, and to this effect, we have installed an outdoor wood-burning boiler (called a donkey) and a wood-burning stove We have constructed a compost toilet and an outdoor shower (compost heated) for the Teepee accommodation. We have meat cattle, pigs, geese and chickens.

We utilise pigs to clear lands and then sheet-mulch in preparation of development. We have constructed a Black Soldier Fly breeding cage for larvae for the chickens and have 10 beehives to ensure adequate pollination throughout the farm. We have dug swales in the chicken yard and planted 4 beds of medicinal plants below them and allow the chickens access to the beds 1 day a week to self-medicate themselves.

There is still a huge amount of development coming as our goal is to be a PRI Master Plan & Demonstration site.

We have converted 1 house into an educational facility complete with 3 accommodation rooms each with 2 bunk-beds to accommodate students an interns. We will also be upgrading an old compound for accommodation of students, interns and volunteers.

We welcome volunteers that are passionate about our cause. See our volunteer page for more details.