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Welcome to Retsogile

Welcome to Retsogile Permaculture

Kids-1280The Retsogile Permaculture Education and Training Trust (IT280/2015 L)  is a newly established Charitable Non-Profit Trust on a mission to spread awareness of self-sustainability and Permaculture in rural communities in South Africa.
The trust was founded by Ken Strang through a sizaeble donation of funds as well as his 82 hectare farm ‘Travellers Rest’ in Haenerstburg, in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

The Trust aims to:

  • Raise funds through profitable Permaculture training programmes and through sponsorships for students to provide free education and training to local subsistence farmers to assist them in increasing yields and diversity in their own food production.
  • To establish food gardens in rural schools to add value to the School Feeding Schemes (this will have the added benefit of exposing the students to the ethics of Permaculture and teaching the students to grow food), and
  • To embark on community outreach programmes in the field of Early Childhood Development by assisting and training educators and care-givers.

About the Trust

The Trust was established by me with the intent of completing the circle of the three ethics of Permaculture: ‘Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share’. The first two ethics I have practiced all my life and now I want to ‘Share the Surplus’ that I have accumulated in my life so that those less fortunate may have a ‘Fair Share’ and be equipped with the knowledge and skills to improve their lives with an abundance of food. It is my sincere belief that eliminating hunger is the first step to eliminating poverty.

Ken Strang
Founding Donor
The Trust operates the farm as a theoretical and practical learning centre and is a functional farm which aims for self-sufficiency. We are currently upgrading living quarters for volunteers and students. Long-term interns will be accommodated in the training centre.

Despite Mr Strang’s generosity, The Trust is always in need of funds to perform its mission of providing free training and assistance to poor subsistence farmers so as to be able to regenerate their lands and produce their own food sustainably. If you would like to contribute to this noble cause please visit the Donate/Contribute page. We thank you for your compassion and kindness.